The GTA SA Admin Console is now called GTA SA Control Center with enhanced functionality as a joint project from Jacob and me.
Version 2.1.1 is now released. Please see below for links.

Here is a preview of the Control Center:

Car, Mod and Weapon Proficiency selection:

Here is the link to the release version 2.1.1 of GTA SA Control Center:
Get Release 2.1.1 as full install with 200 car pictures as thumbnails, vb runtimes and needed microsoft common controls from estetiksoft_de

This is a wise-install package. Unzip and run to install.
I have digitally signed the executable. Please download it only from my web site, and check the signature to make sure this file is original

As i will no more be able to work on the gta sa control center, i hereby release the sourcecode to help other modders:
Get Gta SA Control Center VB6 source code from estetiksoft_de

Here is also the link to the release version 2.1.1 of GTA SA Control Center for manual install:
Get Release 2.1.1 as exe only with 200 car pictures as thumbnails from estetiksoft_de

This is a zip file with all needed files to run the control center. Unzip to a folder and run gtasacenter.exe.

Please your comments and ideas in the GTAForums Thread on how to increase gaming experience with the console. I will not be able to help you on one-to-one basis. Please wait until the release version of the console if it does not start at all.

Version is now Release 2.1 Just run the setup to install on a clean folder.
If you already have Admin Console Rel.1.5 or later, download the exe only version.

Release 2.1.1 is for a minor fix in count-up timer freezing.

New Functions on Release 2.1.0:
This release works with all functionality with gta sa v1.0 and gta sa v1.01
Option to freeze both count-up and count-down mission timers
Option to lock the selected weather
A complete weapon editor/spawner
Nine new console commands for above functions

New Functions on Release 2.0.0:
Car Spawner by Jacob
Works with German GTA SA v1.1 as well (except for car spawner)
Has a full-size help file and readme file. About 20 more commands, and extensions. (see readme file)

New Functions on Release 1.8.2:
You can now freeze and thaw game clock (for the stunt community), also using the console commands and the scroll bar
Minor fix on the Player Specialities has been fixed. The Player Specs now gets 'locked' properly.

New Functions on Release 1.8.1:
The weapon proficiencies are now handled and edited separately.
The current car and player specs gets checked again after cut-scenes.
The TANK MODE is back in the console, with an internal console command to set ON/OFF.
The teleport locations are handled with 6 decimals after comma, making up to a few inches accuracy on teleporting.
The tag locations are added to the location list.
The ability to lock the cheats is also back in console, so the cheats like 'Never Wanted' does not get cleared after some cut-scenes.
About 20 more console commands are also added to avoid the alt-tab out of the game to use the console.
The girl-friend progresses does now work properly (after you set the pct to 100, you still need to date the GF once to get the 100 pct gift from the GF).
You can now edit/change the game time freely without the gta sa loses the time/date syncronization (ie. the console now tracks the current date, weekday as well as current date and time).
You can now change the game speed and clock speed separately. if you slow down the game speed, everything slows down (including player) to help for example on aiming with weapons. The teleport locations get alphabetically sorted on saving to config, so teleport next and previous console commands work now properly.

Known bugs by now:

1. When showing the in-game feedback text, if a gta-sa message has just been shown indicating that one of your stats/skills have been changed, the same message appears again (the skills/stats remain the same). I think this is because the gta-sa message has priority?. The stats themselves do not change!! it is only the text that reappears.
2. If you have already a weapon at hand, and clear all weapons, the player gets stuck with the weapon carrying animation. Workaround: please select the fists (ie. no weapons) in game, and then use 'clear all weapons' command.