Get Collision Editor v1.2 now (821 Kb)

  • With Collision Editor v1.2, you can now align, resize and drag the
        collision spheres, vertices and car-shadow.
  • Click and select the spheres / vertices / car shadow you want to move,
        then click+drag to move them.
  • Click and select the spheres / Car Shadow you want to resize, then press
        CTRL and click+drag to resize them.
  • Version 1.2 has also the background images of almost all cars in GTA3,
        you can also create the background images using the DFF Snapshot yourself.
  • With Version 1.2, you can now assign the spheres to the detachables of the cars.
        Select the spheres you want to assign, and use the combo-box,
        or right-mouse pop-up menu to assign.
  • Selecting spheres and the vertices are now easier.
        Click and drag on the form to create a selection box. With SHIFT+Drag,
        you can select additively. With CTRL+Drag, you force the selection of only
        the spheres, and with ALT+Drag, you can force the selection of only the vertices.
        If you do not use CTRL or ALT, only what you see will be selected.

    Get DFF Snapshot now (20 Kb)

  • With DFF Snapshot, you can create background images for the Collision Editor.
        (Please make sure that the DFF has only one object for best results. ie. use
        ZModeler to delete all objects except for chasis_hi and export dff)

    Get Collision Editor v1.2 Source (VB6) now (860 Kb)

    Get DFF Snapshot Source (VB6) now (33 Kb)

    Collision Editor Version 1.2 screenshot:

    Collision boxes

    DFF Snapshot screenshot:

    DFF to BMP