Step-by-step installation instructions for GTA3 Admin Console:

The new setup is generated by TheFaST, and it is in 6 languages. So these screens will be in your language during installation:

1. Download the full install (in exe form) save the file in a temporary directory.

2. Doubleclick on the gta3adminconsolesetup.exe

3. You will see the greetings page:

click "Next" to continue.

4. The version information page will become visible:

The Visual Basic Service Pack 5 Runtime Files are included in the setup file now. So you do not need to install the VB6 runtimes from microsoft again.

5. Selecting the installation Folder:

6. Selecting the Shortcut Folder:

7. You have selected all the settings, and now ready to install:

8. Message that the console is installed successfully: