Player Tracking:

You can set or lock Player Armor and Health to a given level from 0 to 999. Admin-Console will control your health and armor 10 times a second and set the values back. If you lock your Health level, no are never wasted any more.

You can also set or lock the Wanted level from 0 to 6. By locking the Wanted level to 0, you can drive around and shoot even the police. No police takes any action against you.

Changing the Current Weapon works just like changing the weapon in GTA3. The difference is, now you don't have to go thru all weapons if you want to change from Colt45 to Grenade. Just click, and you have the weapon you want. You can also define several Keyboard shortcuts to change weapons.

Alternative Weapon, and Autochange function is for your comfort. If you set an alternative weapon (changeable by keyboard shortcuts), and activate Auto-change function, your weapon will be changed temporarily when SHIFT key is down. You can use this function for example for throwing grenades without actually changing your weapon to grenade. If you define a throw-weapon, or a one-hand weapon that allows speed-run, you will be able to perform speed-run without changing your weapon.

The Weapon specifications are much more flexible. If you check the checkbox near the weapon-name, you carry this weapon, no matter if you are busted or wasted. You can enter the total ammo you carry, and the ammo loaded to the gun in the consequtive textboxes. The checkboxes near the textboxes are for locking the amount you entered. That is, if you lock total ammo, your ammo goes never down (aka. unlimited ammo). If you also check the checkbox near the loaded ammo textbox, you will avoid the reload sequences, as your weapon will always have the full amount of ammo loaded. (Throw weapons like grenade, and baseball bat do not have loaded-ammo's, thus the checkboxes are grayed)

Car Tracking:

Car Tracking

Admin Console helps you out with almost all concepts that you can do with cars. You can set your current car to Explosion-proof (EP), Damage-proof (DP), Bullet-proof (BP) and Flame-proof (FP). You can also lock these properties by checking the "Set Car Specialities" checkbox. That is, these specialities will be carried to every car you get in.

You can lock or open your car doors by selecting one of the options. If you also check the "My Car Doors are" checkbox, console decides for you: If you like to keep your doors locked, your doors will be locked as soon as you get in any car. They will also be locked after you get out. However if you try to get back in the same car, they will be opened for a second to let you in.

You can change the radio station of your cars, and even lock to a radio station. However, if you are in a car, already listening to a radio station, this setting will only take effect after you get out of the car. The current radio station is a part of the read-only section of GTA3 and cannot be changed online.

You can set or lock to your engine damage in percents. If you lock to 0%, your car will never get engine damage. That is, if you flip over and the car starts to burn, it will burn forever, but not explode. The explosion-lock and burn-lock are also two different commands of the console and will be discussed further.

If you change the weight of a car in handling.cfg, all cars of that type will have the same weight. On the admin-console, you can change only the weight of YOUR car. That is, if you set your car to 50 Tons, you can kick everything out of city boundaries, including the same type of cars as you drive. If you lock this setting, the car weight will be adjusted for your new cars as soon as you get in a new car. You will also get an on-screen feedback on the current status of your new car. By changing the car weight, the max speed, grip and suspension levels are automatically normalized to the new car weight so that you will not notice any handling changes if you change the car weight. Setting the car weight to 100 Kg's is a lot of fun. You can drive around as you like, but if you hit people, you will be thrown several hundread meters away. It is fun to try :) The Damage-proof speciality is also set by changing the car weight. Higher weights over 2 Tons let you crush other cars, but if you hit a wall, your car gets the same damage itself. So it is too risky to drive a 50 Ton car without a damage-proof speciality.

The cars have 2 colors in GTA3. A major and a minor color. The major color is the color of most parts of the car. The minor color is for example the color of the stripes on a banshee. You can paint both of the colors of your current car by doubleclicking on the consecutive color box. You will then get a selection window as follows:

Car Colors

The available car colors are read from the carcol.dat file in GTA3 directory. So if you change this file, your changes will be in the selection window as well. On this window, you can select the color by doubleclicking, or by clicking on the color and then "OK" button. Cancel returns back without any changes. Using the checkboxes in the Major and the Minor Colorboxes, you can lock the color. If you also check the "Paint my car to:" checkbox, your new car will also be painted as soon as you get in.

"Stop Car Alarms" does what it says. If you get in a parked car, and it has an alarm, the alarm will be automatically stopped by the console, if you have checked this checkbox. (A "stop the car-alarm" console command is also available as keyboard shortcut)

"Tank-Mode" changes your current car to a tank, and back. You will be able to shoot as if you were in a tank, and cars that collide with you explode as well. If you get out of your car when in Tank-mode, the tank mode for this car will be set back, and the new car that you get in receives the tank mode. The car-textures and handling will remain the same. That is, if you for example drive a Landstalker, and switch to tank mode, your car will look a bit funny, as the textures remain the same, but the car dimensions change. For that reason, the Damage-proof special ability is also set with tank-mode, so that your car does not explode right away.

Flight assistance is also for your comfort for flying with cars. This mode automatically sets the Z speed to a given percentage if your car starts to fall. You can select the Flight-assistance percent from the scroll box. This percentage level is car specific, and 100% is the maximum speed that your car can reach by free-falling. So if you keep the percentage around 2% or 3%, your car will hang in the air like a heli. (it will move up and down very slightly due to wind conditions.)

GTA3 uses a three dimensional speed and spin model. Movements in X dimension heads to North for positive values of X, and South for negative values. Positive values of Y heads to East, and negative values to West. For Z speed, positive values makes the car go up, and negative, go down. The Percentage levels are from -400% to +400%. That means you can set the speed of your car up to 4 times of its max speed. The spins are also much like the same for X and Y spins. The positive values of Z spin causes a spin in counterclock direction, and negative values in clock direction. With the "stop" buttons near the relevant spin/speed values, you can stop the speed or spin in only one coordinate, or in all coordinates.

The Set Car Direction options are for setting your car in 8 directions (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest), fully leveled to the ground.

Kickstart Car function sets the car position as in Set Car direction function, and gives the car additionally a car-speed on the direction. The speed level is also adjustable in percentages.

The "Don't Burn" and "Don't Explode" options are for automatically controlling the car damage and burn status. If you choose "Don't Burn", the "Don't Explode" option is also checked. That is, if your car starts burning, the burning flag will be set back, and your car will be repaired automatically (except for the textures). If you choose only the "Don't Explode" option, and your car starts burning, it will burn forever, but never explode as long as you are in the car.

The "Flip Car" button flips the car on 4 wheels, and back.

On the Car-Tracking Page, a garage-editor is also integrated. There are in total 6 parkplaces in GTA3. One in Portland, two in Staunton and three in Shoreside. With the garage editor, you can park cars to any parkplace you want. You can set the car specialities, and the car major/minor color as well. If you check the checkbox near the name of the parkplace, the car will be refreshed automatically. If you do not check the major/minor color-lock checkboxes, the car will not be painted. You will also get a new pair of car colors if you change the parked car from the selection list. Your cars will be parked to the given parkplaces in the best suitable parking coordinates. That means, no matter which car you select to park, you will be able to drive right away. If you park big cars like trucks or busses in small garages (like Portland), do not stay right in front of the garage door. As soon as the garage door opens, the console will move the car outside, just enough to fit in the garage.

Internal Car Parking Editor:

Internal Car Parking Editor

Internal Car Parking Editor

There is now an internal car parking editor in Admin Console. With this extension, you can edit/expand the garage editor of the console with a few mouse-clicks.



There are several missions and sub-missions in GTA3. Some of them gives bonuses like infinite speed-run, Borgnine Taxi's etc. From this page, you can change some of the sub-mission values of the current game in progress. Changing the Hidden Packages Found will give you a different type of weapon delivered to Hide-outs for every 10 packages found. Passengers Dropped Off will make Borgnine Taxi's available if more than 100. The Cash Made in Taxi, Total Fires Extinguished and People Saved in Ambulance levels are only for statistics. The "Criminals Killed" value gives a "Police Bribe" bonus delivered to hideouts for every 20 criminals killed (up to 2 bonusses). The Mission Time Left scroll and the Lock-checkbox sets and locks the mission time left for all missions and sub-missions at once. You can also freeze and thaw the sub-mission timers with console commands.

For some Sub-Missions, there are also relevant buttons. The two Import-Export Garage missions can be completed by clicking the relevant buttons. The Kill/Destroy All button kills/destroys all left people/vehicles in all rampage missions (also as console command available). The Complete Taxi Mission Button sets the Passengers Dropped level to 100 (if it was less than 100), thereby enabling the Borgnine Taxi's. The Paramedic Mission button (and the console command) works only if you are in a paramedic mission. It completes all 12 levels of the paramedic mission, giving you the bonus. There are 3 bonusses for paramedic missions. By the first completion, you get the infinitive-run bonus. By the second completion health, and by the third adrenaline will be delivered to the hideouts.

The Help By Turismo Mission button is only available if you have already started the Turismo mission. All the checkpoints will be placed right above your car. As you can "fly" but the cheetah's cannot, you can fly and go thru all the checkpoints at once.

The three reserved buttons will be available in the next version.


GTA3 Internal Cheats:

GTA3 Internal Cheats

The Admin-Console works as a trainer as well. You can define and combine several GTA3 internal cheats here. These cheats will be available in the Shortcuts menu, for assigning as Keyboard Shortcuts. Initially all of the GTA3 internal cheats and their definitions are available in the List, along with some of the combinations I use. You can delete items from the list, or makeup and add new combinations to this list.

Warp Locations:

Warp Locations

GTA3 uses several placement and vector coordinates for positioning its objects. For the player, only the X, Y and Z coordinates are enough to warp him around. But for the cars, there are 3 sets of vector coordinates for its 3D placement, one set of placement coords. for the Center of Mass, and one set per detachables. The Admin-console reads this data from GTA3 and lets you save it to the list for warping. You can read/save and warp up to 32000 locations in GTA3. Some of these are already in the ini file of the Admin-console for you to give a try. If you read and save a Warp Location when you are in a car, you can warp to this location with or without your car. However if you were not currently in a car by the time you let the console read your coordinates, you will only be able to warp to this location if you are on foot. You can assign any of these Warp-Locations the keyboard shortcut you like from the keyboard shortcuts page.

Initially, I have included over 70 locations that you can warp to with or without car. You can delete them, and/or make your own warp locations.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard shortcuts, aka. Remote-Control page lets you assign keyboard shortcuts to any of the 130 console-commands, GTA3 internal cheats (as defined in the relevant page) and the Warp locations (also defined in the relevant page).

After assigning a shortcut to a function, you can activate the shortcut by checking the relevant checkbox on the list. You can assign different commands the same keyboard shortcut. All of the commands will be run in the list-order when you hit the assigned key or key combination.You can duplicate the list entries by selecting one on the list, and clicking the "Insert as new" button.

You can change the interval at which the console checks for the keys with the scrollbox. You can set the interval up to 1 seconds (1000ms). However with this setting, some functions like Flight-Assistance and Health/Armor/Wanted Level-lock will not function perfectly.

The Admin-console sends you on-screen feedback messages for functions that do not have a visual feedback (like locking the car doors). These feedback messages will be sent thru the GTA3 internal feedback engine, and will be handled like other messages from GTA3 itself.

Most of the 130 console commands needs additional data. The relevant selection page will be revealed near the console-command combobox. For commands that do not need additional data (like Stop Spin command) as well as the GTA3 internal cheats and Warp Locations, the selection page with a message: "No additional data is needed" will be shown. You can assign the same command with different parameters to different keys. For Example: "My Car Doors are:" command can be used with "open" and "locked" parameters.

Console Commands:

There are 130 internal console commands in this version. Most of the commands accepts/requires additional parameters that you can also select from Keyboard shortcuts page. Here is the listing of all available commands, what parameters they accept and what they do: